5 great ideas for a first date – Do this and you will GET her!


Choosing where to go to on a first date is just as important as the kind of clothes you decide to wear to a job interview. A lot of the male folk become jittery with picking the right place for a first date given the fact that they believe showing the right impression is very important.

This is not far from the truth as ladies, sometimes unknowingly decide the course of the relationship from the first day out. The dilemma of a first date has been one that has existed from time immemorial as factors such as the appropriate location, the right clothes and the right words cause more than a few problems.

Well, we shall be looking at the appropriate location for a first date in this article, even as we put premium on places ideal in an urban and cosmopolitan setting.

Dinner or Lunch at a Restaurant
This perhaps is a common first date idea for Caucasians but it seems to be gaining ground among Africans. It is an idea that has survived the times as it is one that makes it quite easy to get to know your partner well while you nibble food. There is however a caveat here, and that is remember to have enough money to cover up your meals especially in this clime where the man is expected to cover up the costs.
Lunch is cool if you both work either in the same place or somewhere nearby. What makes Lunch ideal is both persons have to stick to time as they have a limited time to converse which is actually a good thing if both parties do not get along. It makes it easy to terminate the date on time and leave for work.

Ice cream at a creamery
This is probably a very good idea for a first date as most ladies have a good relationship with ice cream. It also helps to save cost as the amount spent here is smaller than that you would have otherwise spent on a dinner outing. More so, you could take a stroll while you eat the ice cream which helps to ease nervousness in some people.

Sporting events
You could actually hit it off with your partner if you know the sport she’s in love with. Getting her out on a date to her favourite sport teams event would score you a lot of points. Moreover, it might not appear romantic to some but it’s a good way to fill in moments of awkward silence which may occur when you run out of ideas on what to say on the first date.

Music Concerts
Depending on what tastes you both have in music, concerts are a good choice for a first date. Matching tastes of music genres such as classical, rhythm and blues and hip-hop are a good way to kick start a budding relationship. What makes this idea cool is the fact that your date would be in a public place with a lot of people with similar tastes and interests which would help sustain your conversation.

The Cinemas
The movies seem like the most common first date idea but is farfetched given the fact that it is slightly on the high side and it doesn’t really present an opportunity for partners to get to know each other intimately well enough. It however is a good choice for a first date even as it can be combined with other activities including lunch, dinner and Ice cream. Alternatively; depending on how comfortable your partner is, you could watch the movie together at home while you prepare a meal. This helps to save cost but increases the anxiety and nervousness associated with first dates.

Other ideas which are not so common in this clime include going out for a picnic and visiting the zoo. Unfortunately, we do not have enough zoos and animal conservatories but the other comfortable ideas will suffice. It is however important to note that what guarantees success in a first date is a culmination of a lot of factors including your appearance, location and most particularly, your ingenuity. Just relax and enjoy but most importantly, have enough money to cover your expenses.


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