Soulja Boy – Whippin’ My Wrist


Check out Soulja Boy’s new track, “Whippin’ My Wrist”.

Soulja Boy is nothing if not prolific. The SODfather always has a new project in the works, and today, that project is King Soulja 4. He’s unleashed a new record from the project called “Whippin’ My Wrist”, which we’ve seen him do much of on his “Tony Hawk (Whip My Wrist)” and “Bugatti (Whip My Wrists)” records from last year. As an experienced wrist whipper, Soulja upgrades his flow on his latest track, presenting a new skipping and stuttering double time flow that suits him well.

No word on when we’ll be getting the newest installment in the King Soulja franchise, but we’re thinking it’ll be pretty soon.

Quotable Lyrics:
Bitches on bitches
While swervin’ in Bentleys
We watching for the cops, ’cause niggas be snitchin’
Got millis on millis, my niggas you silly
We stack it, pack it, stack it up to the ceiling


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