What Kanye West’s 3 New Songs Tell Us About His Album


We break down “Only One,” “Wolves” and “All Day” and see what hints they hold about Kanye West’s upcoming album.

Yesterday, amid flamethrower bursts and a gaggle of up-and-coming grime artists, Kanye West debuted the third song we’ve heard from his upcoming album thus far. The confrontational, hard-hitting “All Day” ran counter to its two almost drum-less predecessors, “Only One” and “Wolves,” and got the sub-section of Kanye fans who were displeased with those first two offerings back into an excited frenzy.

With these three drastically different tracks being the only links to Mr. West’s yet-to-be-titled seventh album we have at this point, many are wondering what direction this next project will go. “Only One” seemed to suggest a complete 180 from the abrasive sounds of Yeezus, “Wolves” was more in-line with 808s & Heartbreak‘s dark, robotic sound, and “All Day” is a straightforward banger on-par with “Clique” and/or “Monster.” But just as was the case with Kendrick Lamar‘s recent tracks “i” and “The Blacker The Berry,” when analyzed together, the songs reveal themselves to have similarities that could possibly offer clues as to what the artist’s next album will sound like. We’ll break each one down for you and then share our overall conclusions.

Note: although Kanye’s barber, Ibn Jasper, said that “FourFiveSeconds” would appear on both Ye and Rihanna’s albums, we’re not including it in this piece. It’s currently listed as the lead single from Rih’s upcoming project, and on iTunes it’s credited to “Rihanna and Kanye West and Paul McCartney,” so we’re sticking to tracks with Ye as the lead artist.

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