Ikechukwu Heads To New York Film Academy To Study Acting


You’ve just gotta love our Nigerian celebrities. As soon as one starts a trend, others tend to go along sharply! On the bright side tho, it’s for a good thing this time around.

Remember when BankyW enrolled for a directing course at the prestigious New York Film Academy, shortly after Mavins artiste Dr. Sid also followed in Banky’s footstep to study directing at the same academy where he graduated just last week . Now, rapper Ikechukwu has also deemed it necessary to travel outta Nigeria for a course and he’s chosen none other than the New York Film Academy albeit a course in acting.



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The Bitter Truth About Kiss Daniel’s Woju Remix

Kiss Daniel should know by now that he is all the star he needs to shine.

You do not come out with a single on your first trial attempt at breaking into the industry, hit it enormously big and then wait on Tiwa Savage and Davido to be the brink of your rise. No!

After all the hype that was Woju Remix, I must say that the expectation bar dropped below the point of limbo. Does Daniel know he had the most decent delivery of all the vocal features on his smash single? And there was even nothing new to his verses, everything was typical as the original version.

Tiwa was almost very convincing with her rhymes on her ‘getting money like Rihanna, seeing the future sierra, nothing go stop me or never’ line but I hold my opinion that she had no business being on this remix. Then Davido. Trust me, my excitement knew some bounds when I first got wind of the news that he was going to be featured on the remix, and just like I expected, he flunked it! Well, not totally though. I think the only thing I enjoyed was his refined vocal range or he could just have been having a really good voice day, who knows?

The mix on Tiwa’s cut was… sigh! She started to sound like she was muffling out her verse. Asides the fact that they both didn’t fit perfectly on the remix, they’ve barely done anything to change how we perceived Daniel’s star. If they loved the song that much, then they should have it playing on their car stereos and resort to doing their cover versions while taking a shower. Those will suffice.

I think Daniel’s management got unusually carried away with the unexpected glory that was Woju and then their lack of a savage plan led them to slumbering a little too long on 2014. Thank God this is now 2015 and their remix is finally out. ‘Tleast we can now move on quickly from it unless they’ve planned on a video release (I’m sure they have), which pricks conscience over a painful waste of beautiful resource.

See, I know y’all will claim to love the remix three much and shower undue accolades on Tiwa and Davido especially for impressing with their takes on the remix but the ugly truth is that this remix will not be bigger than the original and won’t even be as big as the original. I mean, why won’t anybody take a cue from Patoranking’s Girlie O’ treatment and toe after it’s success that oddly had the same Tiwa Savage on it. You say I’m hating? Whatever please! Unless this is the misfit y’all were watching out for this 2015 from him, then jamming your hands in a fallacious applause would do undeserving justice. This subtle damage already done would clearly surface when y’all his same fans nail him to the cross for falling your hand with his next release just because he failed to meet the outrageously high expectations set for him.

Woju Remix is perhaps the result of forcing something that you already know wasn’t meant to be. Just like oil and vinegar, they can go together but they just don’t mix!


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Reekado Banks (JBMUSIC Hype)



Jbmusic hype will feature the future potential heavy hitters in Naija music. Any material featured in this category will be from an unsigned OR up & coming Nigerian/African artiste/producer/record label that boasts of nothing but promising content. There will only be ONE post a month in this category.

If you have or know of anyone’s music that you feel is a hit or any good, please send an email to the official Jbmusic email (music- @joshgdwn@yahoo.com) with a link to their page or where we can download the song. BETTER YET, send in the artiste’s song(s) as mp3 attachments along with a brief info/bio and a picture/artwork.

Air Jordan 7 ‘Sweater’


Sneakerheads are going to be blowing the rent on Jordan Brand’s 2015 lineup. One sneaker that is sure to have sneaker fanatics hyped is this new-look Air Jordan 7 which draws on inspiration from the guady sweater and shorts that MJ wore during an iconic McDonald’s commercial with Larry Bird.

The white base of the Air Jordan 7 features vibrant overlays consisting of concord, soar blue, gold and red. This sneaker just flat out screams 90s and we love it for that.

Considering 2015 is the 23rd anniversary of the Air Jordan 7 we look forward to more heat from Jordan Brand, though none of the kicks figure to be more sought after than these joints.

Or maybe I’m dead wrong… let us know with a ‘Cop’ or Not.

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Stream Drake’s Surprise Mixtape “If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late”


Drake just dropped off a surprise album called “If You’re Reading This Its Too Late”.

The rumors were indeed “kinda” true. Instead of a free mixtape though, Drizzy Drake decided to come through and surprise us with a brand new album called If You’re Reading This Its Too Late.

Laced with a strong 17 tracks, the project features guest appearances from Lil Wayne, Travis Scott, and PartyNextDoor. Meanwhile production is handled by the likes of hit-makers Boi-1da, Vinylz, Noah “40” Shebib, Wondagurl, Frank Dukes, Eric Dingus, and more.

Serving as a prequel to Views From The 6, this project comes just hours after catching the short film “Jungle”, which saw Drizzy and the OVO crew mobbin’ through the streets of Toronto.

Stream the project below, and cop it now on iTunes!!!!

Update: We now have full production credits and a thank you note from the boy himself. Peep the gallery above to check those out.

Update #2: The Soundcloud stream Drake initially posted has been taken down, and presently we do not have another official stream for you. So head over to iTunes!

Update #3: Official stream is back up, this time on Spotify. Hit play below.

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Childish Gambino Confirms He’ll Be Playing A Stripper In “Magic Mike XXL”


Childish Gambino shares some info on his role in the new Magic Mike movie.

Before he was Childish Gambino, Donald Glover had a very successful career in comedy. The actor turnt rapper made his way up through Derrick Comedy sketches, later landing a gig writing for 30 Rock, and eventually nabbing his most successful role as Troy in Community. While Glover has decided to pursue music full time, and retired from the NBC primetime shift, he will be doing a bit of acting in the upcoming Magic Mike sequel, which he shared some info about in a new interview with Collider.

While it was common knowledge that Gambino had been cast in the film, it wasn’t clear whether or not he would in fact be playing a stripper (seeing as the plot of the film centers around a male exotic dancing), but Glover was up-front about his placement in the comedy.

“I definitely…I definitely show myself a little bit,’ he confrimed. “It’s a funny thing. I just never really – that energy is, I don’t know, getting into it is cool, to just dive into something like that. I’ve never been in that world. It’s very few people who have ever been a convention center filled with 900 women screaming. That’s a feeling that I feel like very few people know. It was crazy. I met so many people. There was a girl there, I was having a scene with her, just talking, and everybody was just so interesting, but supportive. It’s hard to be that supportive when you’re in that room for that long, screaming.”

Bino was also asked a question regarding whether he’d ever return to Community, to which he optimistically replied… never say never.

“Everything’s possible,” Glover said of a reunion with the cast. “I would never be like, ‘Nah, I’m not doing it.’ Everything’s possible. I love it over there. I just always want to make sure it’s good for the—you never want to do something just to make people feel good. You always want to make sure it works. I want my kids one day, I don’t want them to be like, ‘That episode was whack.’ And I’m like, ‘But people really wanted it.’ [Laughs] You know? No one cares. I always want the art to stand, because in the end that’s all that’s left.

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What Kanye West’s 3 New Songs Tell Us About His Album


We break down “Only One,” “Wolves” and “All Day” and see what hints they hold about Kanye West’s upcoming album.

Yesterday, amid flamethrower bursts and a gaggle of up-and-coming grime artists, Kanye West debuted the third song we’ve heard from his upcoming album thus far. The confrontational, hard-hitting “All Day” ran counter to its two almost drum-less predecessors, “Only One” and “Wolves,” and got the sub-section of Kanye fans who were displeased with those first two offerings back into an excited frenzy.

With these three drastically different tracks being the only links to Mr. West’s yet-to-be-titled seventh album we have at this point, many are wondering what direction this next project will go. “Only One” seemed to suggest a complete 180 from the abrasive sounds of Yeezus, “Wolves” was more in-line with 808s & Heartbreak‘s dark, robotic sound, and “All Day” is a straightforward banger on-par with “Clique” and/or “Monster.” But just as was the case with Kendrick Lamar‘s recent tracks “i” and “The Blacker The Berry,” when analyzed together, the songs reveal themselves to have similarities that could possibly offer clues as to what the artist’s next album will sound like. We’ll break each one down for you and then share our overall conclusions.

Note: although Kanye’s barber, Ibn Jasper, said that “FourFiveSeconds” would appear on both Ye and Rihanna’s albums, we’re not including it in this piece. It’s currently listed as the lead single from Rih’s upcoming project, and on iTunes it’s credited to “Rihanna and Kanye West and Paul McCartney,” so we’re sticking to tracks with Ye as the lead artist.

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